Some common themes run through Ellen’s art, such as the colour palette she uses and scenes of nature. Otherwise, there is a vast range in the types of artwork that Ellen creates, from visual arts to artisan crafts. Ellen will often create a series of work from the same image, rendering it first as a painting or drawing and then making a carved block print or felted scene.
Visual Arts
Ellen works in many different media, including pen & ink, watercolours, acrylic, printmaking, and collage. Her love of nature provides her with unlimited inspiration in terms of colours, textures, and subject matter.

Artisan Handcrafts
Jewellery and textiles are other avenues that Ellen uses to express her art. She uses fine silver wire to crochet necklaces studded with semi-precious stones, and makes pendants using watercolours set behind glass, as well as beading and wire-wrapping stones. Textiles include different felting techniques to create vessels, landscapes, and wearable scarves, and quilting to make everyday objects unique and special.