Ellen Coburn

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Ellen Coburn is a nature and animal lover, a seeker and creator of beauty. She has always been an artist at heart even as she pursued diverse and successful careers as an esthetician, spa director, educator, landscaping business owner and business consultant.

A self-taught artist, Ellen’s artistic practice is multi-faceted: watercolour and acrylic paintings of a wide variety of subjects; jewellery such as necklaces made of semi-precious gemstones interlaced in a hand crocheted silver wire, as well as wire wrap gemstone pendants and earrings; and needle-felted and wet-felted creations including scarves and hats, decorative wall-hangings, and three-dimensional soft wool sculptures.

Ellen’s career path allowed her to develop a broad view of the world, and to explore multiple forms of expression in the art she loves doing. Ellen frequently uses nature as her inspiration, whether for colours or patterns, and has over time developed a signature style and colour palette.

After a diagnosis with breast cancer and subsequent treatment, Ellen reconsidered the direction she wanted for her life. She closed her landscaping business and stepped back from many other obligations. She now focuses on the art that fills her soul and looks forward to the adventures and opportunities this new path will afford her.

Ellen lives in the outskirts of Victoria with her husband, five cats, two parrots, and a giant goldfish!

Elemental Creations is an Artisan studio owned and operated by Ellen Coburn, located in Victoria, BC.